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It takes more than a number of words to deliver a message, create emotions and arouse interest. Successful translations are not only built on choosing the right words, correct spelling and punctuation, they need to bridge cultural differences and ultimately make sense in the readers' linguistic environment.

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wortext offers high quality translation and localisation services compliant with your company standards, meeting SEO requirements and ensuring consistent terminology. Upon agreement, work can be done directly in your Content Management System saving additional time and money.

Pre- & Post-Editing

Machine translation has gradually become an inherent part of the translation process. In many ways, especially when translating big junks of repetitive information, MT can be a huge help and yet it will always remain an assistant to human translators. As a result, the demand for professional pre- and post-editing services has increased over the past years and will continue to grow.

The Pre-editing process prepares a source text for machine translation by correcting mistakes and mainly simplifying the structure. Pre-Editing is particularly important for source texts, that need to be translated in several languages.

By Post-editing machine translation, wortext corrects both semantic and linguistic errors. Depending on the requirements a translator will focus on transferring the correct meaning or attaining a high quality translation, similar to that of human translation.


Theses, Newsletters, Manuals or any other source text, wortext conducts a thorough analysis of your original document identifying any orthografic, grammatical or stylistic errors. In addition, you will receive suggestions to help ensure clarity, structure and readability.

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Private individuals, startups, entrepreneurs or  established businesses – wortext focuses on your requirements, efficient workflows and high quality standards.

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